About Manas

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I don't have a plethora of things to talk about myself, but this time let me walk you through a story.

I was an average student and was never good in English Literature as per my school teachers.

According to them, complicated vocabulary, redundant words, boring stories, and long paragraphs are what that defines English. I never believed such concepts and kept communicating in easy vocabulary and making boring concepts interesting. 

However, my 12th English board exam proved to a turning point in my life. While everyone was busy reciting complex words and structures just before the exam, I was chilled as I planned to write in the simplest vocabulary possible., making the concepts seem easier. 

I wrote like I'm explaining to a 5th-grade student while everyone was busy impressing the invigilator.

After a few months, the results were out, and unsurprisingly, I earned the first position in English Literature at the school level. That day I got to know the significance of simplicity and storytelling in life.

Writing online has always make me curious. How do you write them? What's the process of writing online? How is it different from writing essays and letters? This curiosity led me to what we famously know as content writing. Soon after wrapping my head around a few soft skills, I stepped foot in the freelancing world. And here I'm presenting my story, my skills, and my portfolio to you.

Why make things complex when you can win by walking the path of simplicity in life.